41,963 km² of striking landscapes, history and culture.

How do you tell that story in 90 seconds?

Length: 1:30
Agency: Arthur St Digital
Director: James Duggan
Producer: Nicole Freeman
DP: Aidan Mair
Drone: 4thwall.imaging

Wimmera Mallee Tourism presented a brief to showcase a massively vast region of Western Victoria, that until this point has been known for its famous silo art, and very little else. Victoria’s best kept secret.

To throw this notion on its head, True South Film developed a campaign to demonstrate just how long the Wimmera Mallee bucket list can be- quite literally. Through the use of a list, we sought to evoke an emotional connection with viewers: the journey has only just begun. Our team immersed themselves in the brand’s ethos to understand its core values all in the name of finding a unique angle.

True South Film collaborated with the masterminds at Arthur Digital who developed the broader campaign: Adventures In A Different Light.