The community of Wathaurong are making big steps to eradicate problem gambling.

Length: 21:11
Director: Caleb Plumridge, True South Film
Producer: Janine Cattanach, Cultural Consulting Group

For too many Wathaurong community, gambling has taken its grasp.

In the Geelong region, over $113,000,000 was gambled through pokies in 2017 and often the result is fractured family life, lost career opportunities and further entrenched trauma.

In conjunction with the Cultural Consultancy Group, True South Film spoke with community leaders, community support specialists, academics and campaigners to paint a picture of the where the Wathaurong is heading thanks to this passionate group.

The film unpacks in the impact which trauma and societal influences play in leading an Aboriginal person to gamble. It deep dives into the devastation problem gambling causes for family, friends and community. Most importantly the film inspires recovery, laying down a roadmap to gain control of gambling habits.