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Explainer videos:

Fun to watch & easy to understand

No matter if it’s an animation or video, what’s important in an explainer video is a clear message. As with any great content, it has to be more than a wall of information.

Explainer videos give the audience a reason to watch with a killer combo of relevant info and entertainment value.

If your message needs to be told over and again, the explainer video is the tool for the job.

A selection of explainer videos we’ve produced

CDK Stone 2:05

ATOmate 1:44

WorkSafe WorkWell Toolkit 0:24

Explainer videos can convert

Having great video content on your website for visitors to explore keeps them engaged for longer and builds their curiosity and understanding of your brand.

The same can be said for government departments- explainer videos give the community a fun way to learn about support, funding, laws, applications, news and new technologies.

Message + Audience = Concept

The conversation at the beginning of every film we make begins with the audience. What’s their assumed knowledge? Their level of education? Demographic? Communication style? Attention span? Your explainer video must be a pure reflection of the audience. Understanding the audience means that we can give them reasons to watch.

Importantly, explainer videos don’t have to explain everything.

See, often the goal of an explainer film is to demonstrate the capability of a product or service which can only be understood when you see it in action. That doesn’t mean we need to answer every question. An engaged audience will seek out the answers to their own specific questions. The explainer video gets the ball rolling.

If you’d like to chat about your idea for an explainer video, please get in touch!