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Branded content reflects the values of your brand and connects to your audience through story.

Branded content will carry your message through engaging storytelling.

It won’t be a surprise to learn your brand competes in what is the most crowded media landscape in history.

A trend has emerged of brands choosing to tell stories instead of simply preaching their product.

A story is something in which an audience can relate, which they believe and engage with. In society we love stories, we love a character arc, or in other words a transformation from one state to another. The brands we work with embrace this mantra. Their audiences connect with the message and they understand the values behind the logo.

As the saying goes, people buy the ‘why’ behind a brand, not the ‘what’.

Take a peep below of some work we’ve done with our beloved clients.

Lyons Construction: 90 Years In The Making 7:35

Director/DP: James Duggan

HFMA: The Lucky Country 2:27

Director: Caleb Plumridge
DP: James Duggan

Barwarre Gardens 2:13

Director/DP: Caleb Plumridge

True South Film recently completed a revamped promo film on our village at Barwarre Gardens. We were thrilled with the end product which clearly portrayed the sense of community that we are so proud of here at the village. Creating this product required a great understanding of our 'product’ and the team were patient, flexible and respectful of our residents. They showed great attention to detail and a thoroughly professional approach but also made it fun and enjoyable for all those who participated.

- Leeanne Morrison, Barwarre Gardens Sales Manager