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Founder and Managing Director

Caleb Plumridge

Caleb Plumridge (he/him) has been producing documentary and commercial video since 2005.

Caleb’s storytelling is focussed on the intersection of people, places, and current events.

In 2014 Caleb founded True South Film, a story-driven production company based in Geelong, Australia. True South Film - a team of five creative professionals - services government agencies, not-for-profit organisations and small to medium businesses from all corners of Australia.

True South Film has garnered a reputation for delivering meaningful and engaging video, animation and documentary content.

Whether it be the citizens of Kiribati in the pacific facing an uncertain future at the hands of climate change, Australian war veterans navigating their way in society, or most recently the way humans are fundamentally connected to nature, Caleb endeavours to go behind the veneer and find meaning in every story.

Creative Director

James Duggan

With a deep love for film and creative storytelling, James has never been satisfied with the ordinary.

From the thrill of finding a unique and exciting response to a brief, to translating that into something truly special on screen – the art of filmmaking has always been a staple of James’ life.

James has honed this passion into a career as True South Film’s Creative Director – leading the creative team on just about every project that comes through our door


Nicole Freeman

Long before Nicole joined True South Film as a producer, she fell in love with acting at the age of nine, which lead to her to roles on TV, film and docos. In 2018, she took the leap to delve deeper into the creative process studying Film and Television Production at JMC, Melbourne.

And it was here Nicole discovered the art of producing. The doors quickly opened. From music videos to short films, documentaries and online ads. The highlight: producing an Indi Australian Feature Film 'Crow Valley' (2021).

Seeking something closer to home, Nicole found True South Film. Here she contributes her creative prowess and expertise to the production of all projects that come through the door. Nicole's commitment to her craft has made her the storyteller she is today.


Aidan Mair

If Aidan could spend every waking moment in the great outdoors he would. Give him a camera and you’ve got a very happy Aidan, and some absolutely killer shots.

His love for filmmaking started at age 14– shooting action sports with his mates before realising his skills were far exceeding the ‘hobbyist’ terrain. Pursuing this passion as a fulltime career was a no-brainer, and he’s been doing exactly that for seven years.


Kelly Perry

If Kelly wasn’t to become a ballerina, filmmaking would have to do.

Kelly’s adventures into the world of film began at Swinburne University, before taking a deep dive into documentary studies at The Australian Film Television and Radio School. It was here she realised her love for editing.

Her decision to specialise as an editor lead to national and international post-production experience: Melbourne, Sydney and London, all the while sculpting breathtaking commercials and documentaries.

Kelly’s outstanding knack of discovering the story that needs to be told is on full display within every True South Film project.

(And… it’s fair to say True South is grateful the dance career never did take off…)

Our values actually mean something to us. Here they are.

Authenticity in storytelling

Our stories are recognised for their ability to engage and move an audience.

We’re obsessed with stories. Our team meetings are usually spent mulling over, frothing on and dissecting remarkable films, short, shows and brand content. We’re nerds. So, extracting a compelling story in each project that comes our way is what we do. Every trick up our collective sleeve solely exists to tell a better tale.

This means leaning into directional filmmaking: bringing together page-turning vision and first class execution, rather than winging it on the day.



We care about what you care about. That means that we get to know you before we get to know the project.

While we have our own style and methodology, our purpose is to amplify your message to your audience and to make you look great along the way. In other words, it’s not about us.

We know it can be scary trusting an agency with your brand- we’ve all heard the horror stories. We believe the process is equally important to the outcome and we’re committed to making it a great one.

We’re always learning

AKA: humility.

Pursuing excellence requires continuous improvement. It’s a posture we carry into every project, pushing each other to deliver remarkable work.

If these principles resonate, let’s chat.