Caleb Plumridge

Founder and Director

Born and bred local, there's no place like Geelong for Caleb. His film career started with shooting car chases in the backyard with a paddock bomb. In 2014 Caleb dove head first into full time film production, founding Escape Shift Film. Today, Caleb is driven to direct motivating and remarkable film experiences.

  • Believes no rock band has reached the dizzying heights of Powderfinger
  • Addicted (some would say scarily so) to the West Wing
  • Did we mention he's mad about Geelong?

James Duggan

Creative Director

Growing up on the South Coast of NSW, James dedicated his teen years to making short films with friends in the backyard. At 18 he made the move to Melbourne, picking up an Associate Degree of Screen and Media Production and continuing to hone his craft.

  • Collector of Vinyl
  • Breaking Bad tragic
  • Maintains that his favourite band, Weezer, is the worst band of all time (make sense of that...)

Aidan Mair


If Aidan could spend every waking moment in the great outdoors he would. Give him a camera and you’ve got a very happy Aidan, and some absolutely killer shots.
His love for filmmaking started at age 14– shooting action sports with his mates before realising his skills were far exceeding the ‘hobbyist’ terrain. Pursuing this passion as a fulltime career was a no-brainer, and he’s been doing exactly that for seven years.

Our values actually mean something to us. Here they are.

Authentic storytelling

We want the stories we tell to be recognised for their ability to engage and move an audience.

We’re obsessed with stories. Our team meetings are usually spent pulling apart movies. So, finding the story in each project that comes our way is what we do. Every trick up our collective sleeve solely exists to tell a better tale.


We care about what you care about. That means that we get to know you before we get to know the project.

It’s your project and while we have our own style and way of doing things, we exist to amplify your message to your audience and to make you look great along the way. In other words, it’s not about us.

We know it can be scary trusting an agency with your brand- we’ve all heard the horror stories. That’s why we believe the process is as important as the outcome and we’re committed to making it a great one!

We’re always learning

We’re forever chasing an edge to be the best creative team we can be. We bring this attitude to every project. From the concept stage through to execution, we push each other to deliver remarkable videos.

If you’re keen to hear how we could apply this thinking to your project, let’s catch up.