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You’ve just found a video production team at your brand’s level

We combine persuasive concept and flawless execution.


True South Film are a content studio servicing great brands across Melbourne, Geelong and far beyond with video, animation and motion graphics. Our in house approach to creation means that you’re partnering with a well oiled machine. From briefing to completion, True South Film make your experience seamless.

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Our production philosophy:

We never see two projects quite the same. Creatively, we approach it that way. However, every project still goes through our finely tuned production model ensuring every project:

  • is clever and innovative (full of creative juices),
  • connects with the right people (audience analysis),a
  • with a sound message and purpose (communication objectives),
  • is tailor made for its medium (length, orientation, style) and
  • fits a budget and timeframe (production management)

It’s this model that means you can be confident that True South will treat your brand and audience the right way.